New Saint Motorcycle Gear at TM

One of this season's most anticipated brands has finally arrived in at Town Moto! We have been watching these guys from across the sea through their jealousy inducing photos shot by Aaron Brimhall.

Saint protective riding apparel has taken quality and technology to a new level of what we consider to be urban riding gear. Designed in Australia and woven in Italy, Saint is set apart from any by making abrasion resistance and protection the foundation of their entire product line. They combine protection, style, and comfort with a technology that we have not seen previously in denim. In order to make their products more comfortable for the rider, all of their styles, incorporate different combinations of engineered fabrics designed to be "unbreakable" in the event of a crash. Saint riding gear is also designed to increase the likelihood that they will actually be in use when needed by being stylish enough to be wearable for the everyday.

Unbreakable Denim

Saint's "Unbreakable Denim is woven with a unique double warp beam, weaving the worlds strongest fiber - Dyneema's Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). The result, 360 degree torsional strength, motorcycle tested impact, burst and abrasion resilience. This same exact weave is is typically used in armour, sails, snowboard bases, surgical implants, and chemical-resistant containers to name a few. It is 7x stronger than Kevlar, super light, puncture and tear resistant, abrasion resistant (14x more than carbon steel), chemical resistant and slippery like Teflon which reduces drag abrasion on impact.

Ballistic 100% Kevlar

Designed to be lightweight and breathable, these items are 5x stronger than steel. Expect significant burst, impact and slide abrasion resistant properties as well as heat resiliance and triple stitched seams. Take a moment to check out the Saint products that we have in stock!

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