TM x HILO Project Ride-In Re-Cap


Pictures by Viktor Radics & Alex Lee

After two rained-out TM Ride-Ins this summer - we were finally blessed with some sun this Sunday got to finally host, our first decent Ride-In of the year. Actually, co-host: our new Chicago buds from the HILO Project Laura, Cat, Juan, Chris and Dave also made the trip up to Toronto to help us put on the event & share some pics from their recent ride through Vietnam.

Thanks to everyone who rode, biked, drove or walked by & stuck around to hang out and chat with us! We saw some cool bikes & met some really rad people this Sunday. And to our amazing sponsor Biltwell for their generous prize pack & support with the event! The whole event got us all looking forward to our August Mods & Rockers Kick-off Ride-In. Which by the way will be Friday, August 14th in case you wanna start planning a lil' trip to the city. But in the meantime, here are a few snaps from last Sunday's event:

TM_x_HILO_RideIn002 TM_x_HILO_RideIn003 TM_x_HILO_RideIn004 TM_x_HILO_RideIn007 TM_x_HILO_RideIn008 TM_x_HILO_RideIn020 TM_x_HILO_RideIn009 TM_x_HILO_RideIn025 TM_x_HILO_RideIn016 TM_x_HILO_RideIn011 TM_x_HILO_RideIn012 TM_x_HILO_RideIn024 TM_x_HILO_RideIn023 TM_x_HILO_RideIn021 TM_x_HILO_RideIn036 TM_x_HILO_RideIn029 TM_x_HILO_RideIn030 TM_x_HILO_RideIn035 TM_x_HILO_RideIn031 TM_x_HILO_RideIn032 TM_x_HILO_RideIn013 TM_x_HILO_RideIn014 TM_x_HILO_RideIn027 TM_x_HILO_RideIn028 TM_x_HILO_RideIn015 TM_x_HILO_RideIn022 TM_x_HILO_RideIn026 TM_x_HILO_RideIn017 TM_x_HILO_RideIn018

Huge shout out to the HILO Project Crew for coming out to the shop & helping us do things a little different at our typicaly Ride-Ins. We had a blast hanging out & getting to know the five of them, not to mention hearing about their Vietnam trip & all their other moto stories. Top notch people, super friendly, incredibly creative and clearly down for anything, how can you not back that? Looking forward to seeing more from them & hopefully seeing them in the city again soon!