1997 Ducati 748SP - July 2015 Window Bike


Photos by: Alex Lee

This month's window bike is owned by one of our customers Paul. He purchased the Duc while overseas in Singapore in 1996 and stayed in it's stock trim until returning to Toronto in 2002. Once returning to Canada Paul started tweaking it by porting the heads and adding a few carbon parts. In 2004 Paul added a big bore kit bringing the bikes size up to 853cc. In addition, switching out the airbox for a Corse Carbon unit with larger air ducts and breather box as well as carbon dash and fairing support.

He also installed bigger valves and reshaped the combustion chamber for some more oomph. The wiring harness was pared down to just what was needed and a 52 mm Arrow full system exhaust helps this Italian beauty breathe.

WSBK Ohlins forks with 27 mm offset triple clamps and a Corse magnesium long swingarm were added as well as forged magnesium wheels with Brembo billet callipers providing the stopping power.

The only new parts on the bike are the carbon and the engine parts, the rest were ex-factory or privateer race parts. In 2013 Paul refreshed the engine with new cases, lightweight crank and new Carillo rods and since then only has a maximum of 20 hours on the engine.

Thanks for letting us have this beast for the month Paul!

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