The MotoSocial's Headed to Ottawa!


All photos care of: Viktor Radics

#TheMotoSocialToronto meet ups this year have been rad! Great turn outs, great people, awesome bikes & really cool host spots. We gotta say, there's nothing we'd rather be doing then hanging out with all of you the first Wednesday of every month. So with three Toronto MotoSocials under our belt this summer, we thought it would be cool to get to take our buds Viktor & Sam (creators of #TheMotoSocial) on the road, rip down to the Ottawa and co-host a little #TheMotoSocialOttawa. Get to know some riders in the Nation's capital!

So if ya know anyone in or around Ottawa who likes motorcycles, owns, builds or rides one - let em know we're coming! We'll be hanging out, sharing riding stories & drinking coffees at the Ministry of Coffee - at 1013 Wellington St. W. on Wednesday July 29th from 8-10pm. Hope to see some Ottawa riders there!

In the meantime, here are some snaps & highlights from the three #TheMotoSocialToronto meet ups this year!

May 6th: The Tempered Room - 1374 Queen Street West

TM_x_MotoSocial001 TM_x_MotoSocial002 TM_x_MotoSocial003 TM_x_MotoSocial004 TM_x_MotoSocial010 TM_x_MotoSocial005 TM_x_MotoSocial006 TM_x_MotoSocial007 TM_x_MotoSocial009 TM_x_MotoSocial011 TM_x_MotoSocial012 TM_x_MotoSocial013  

Wednesday June 3rd: Te Aro Coffee Shop 983 Queen St E.

TM_x_MotoSocial015 TM_x_MotoSocial016 TM_x_MotoSocial017 TM_x_MotoSocial019 TM_x_MotoSocial020 TM_x_MotoSocial021 TM_x_MotoSocial023 TM_x_MotoSocial025 TM_x_MotoSocial027 TM_x_MotoSocial026 TM_x_MotoSocial022  

Wednesday July 8th: Tucana Coffee - 1413 Dundas St W

TM_x_MotoSocial029 TM_x_MotoSocial030 TM_x_MotoSocial031 TM_x_MotoSocial032 TM_x_MotoSocial033 TM_x_MotoSocial034 TM_x_MotoSocial035 TM_x_MotoSocial036 TM_x_MotoSocial037