Dirt Quake 2015 - Photo Recap


All photos care of: Jill Botting

Dirt Quake USA is a great event put on by Sideburn Magazine and See See Motorcycles. It's all about getting whatever bike you have out on the dirt oval and doing some racing regardless of skill level or appropriateness of your ride. Dirt Quake runs the gamut from purpose built race bikes to choppers, street trackers and the funny and absurd. It's not often you'll find a snow mobile and motorcycles sharing the same race track.

We weren't able to make it down but our friends Shamus and Jill made their second pilgrimage to Dirt Quake and Jill supplied us with these photos to share.

Sideburn is having the UK Dirt Quake coming up this weekend so if you're anywhere near King's Lynn area be sure to head to the Adrian Flux Arena for a great weekend of racing. Visit their site for more info!

TM_x_DirtQuake-002 TM_x_DirtQuake-003 TM_x_DirtQuake-009 TM_x_DirtQuake-004 TM_x_DirtQuake-011 TM_x_DirtQuake-007 TM_x_DirtQuake-008 TM_x_DirtQuake-010 TM_x_DirtQuake-012 TM_x_DirtQuake-013 TM_x_DirtQuake-006 TM_x_DirtQuake-014 TM_x_DirtQuake-015 TM_x_DirtQuake-016 TM_x_DirtQuake-017 TM_x_DirtQuake-018 TM_x_DirtQuake-005 TM_x_DirtQuake-019 TM_x_DirtQuake-020 TM_x_DirtQuake-021 TM_x_DirtQuake-022 TM_x_DirtQuake-023 TM_x_DirtQuake-024