2015 Paris National Rally

The CVMG Paris National Rally is something we look forward to every year. There's always a ton of cool old bikes to see, parts to buy and motorcycle lovers to talk to. We usually make it down sometime on Friday afternoon and get setup and look around a bit before catching some short track at the Paris Speedway which is on the same grounds as the Rally. Most vendors and folks who show up for the weekend camp on the fairgrounds and wake up early to start selling and checking out everyone elses' stuff.  

It's a great vibe; people riding around the grounds on all sorts of interesting motorcycles, old chrome shinning in the sunlight and the smell of gasoline in the air. Some of the deals at the rally are the best in Ontario and it's a great place to pick up a new bike or project you didn't know you needed. For more info and to stay posted on next years rally please visit and support the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group.  

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