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There's a lot you can do to keep your motorcycle safe from the would be thieves who would want to take it from you. Keep reading to get some ideas on making your bike more secure regardless of where you park it.

LOCATION: Condo Parking

Condos might be the easiest place for a bike to go missing. Little security, no property accountability and no rights if you are a renter make condo thefts extremely common. If you want to make sure your bike stays where you left it, a chain lock is always your best option.

Underground, gps signals won't reach cellphones and alarms only reach so far. Drilling a u lock into your parking space is ideal, but not all buildings will allow this type of modification. If you don't own the space or can't drill into the ground, pick up a few bags of cement to mix into a garbage can. This will make for a secure post to lock your bike to. With this method don't skip on the quality of the lock. A hexagonal chain link is tougher to cut with bolt cutters and metal will take forever to angle grind. Just don't lose the key!

TM_Security001 TM_Security002


LOCATION: Backyard Parking

Similar to the condo situation, if you have the ability to chain your bike down, a good chain is your best option. A cover will help conceal and protect, and investing in a Tupperware container to keep them in while you're riding will make them easy to access upon your return. Adding an alarmed disc lock into the mix is recommended if your bedroom is in earshot of the bike. Disc locks make it impossible to roll the bike and double as a portable device to use around the city and while traveling.

TM_Security005 TM_Security004 TM_Security007


LOCATION: Street Parking

If you are parking your bike on the street there are more eyes to look out for suspicious behavior, but you are also more vulnerable when it comes to potential thieves checking out your bike. Something that will make it harder to physically move your bike is important. Some bikes come with the ability to lock the steering wheel, or a grip lock is an easy way to make it impossible to roll the bike in any direction.

An alarmed disc lock, disc lock reminder and cover is an even more ideal combo. A disc lock slips onto your front brake rotor and an alarm will sound when the bike is moved. This does double duty of notifying you if someone is messing with your bike or if your bike gets knocked over. A reminder cable is a must because it visibly highlights that you are using a lock and will keep you from kicking into gear before taking the lock off. The cover will keep your bike protected from the elements and also keep any curious eyes away from what's really under it.

TM_Security014 TM_Security017 TM_Security013 TM_Security010 TM_Security012


When considering locking solutions, the most important factor in the the ability of any of these options to keep your bike safe is to actually use them! Pick a solution that you can use everyday without making it complicated. We always welcome riding your bike to the shop and trying different locking mechanisms on your bike to find what works for you!

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