1978 Race Inspired Honda CB750 - May 2015 Window Bike


Photos by Alex Lee

May has come and gone but we didn't have a chance to take photos of our May window bike until we were taking it out of the window. It's a great race inspired cb750 owned by vintage racer Brad Monk. It's his street bike for when he's not racing his Norton framed xs650 on the track but still has a lot of race cues.

Dual drilled front brake rotors, 18" high shoulder aluminum Akront wheels, alloy tank and seat, Fox shocks, a lot of safety wire and custom brackets on top of a ton of other nice details, it was a pleasure to have it in the window for the month. Thanks Brad! 

TM_May_WindowBike001 TM_May_WindowBike018 TM_May_WindowBike015 TM_May_WindowBike006 TM_May_WindowBike021 TM_May_WindowBike007 TM_May_WindowBike004 TM_May_WindowBike019 TM_May_WindowBike022 TM_May_WindowBike020 TM_May_WindowBike014

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