Flat Track Canada 2015 Season Opener


We made it down to Flat Track Canada's season opener in Paris, Ontario on May 16th for their first race of the season. Paris is always a great kick-off and this year was no exception. Over 150 riders were racing which shows Flat Track is really gaining traction in Ontario.

There was lots of excellent racing from all classes and age brackets but the main event really stood out as Chris Evans, Doug Lawrence, Rob Pearson and Steve Beattie duked it out for first place in an exciting race on the choppy Paris Half Mile track. Congrats to Chris Evans for taking the checkered flag!

The Flat Track Canada races happening in June are listed below. You should definitely try and make it out and take in some of Canada's best motorcycle racing!

June 6: Welland County Speedway

June 27: Welland County Speedway

Thanks to our friends Matt Rennick and Jilly Botting for their excellent photos!

TownMoto_Flattrack_Canada003 Flattrack_Canada_SO006 Flattrack_Canada_SO008 Flattrack_Canada_SO007 Flattrack_Canada_SO002

Photo credit (above): Matt Rennick

Flattrack_Canada_SO010 Flattrack_Canada_SO004 TownMoto_Flattrack_Canada004 TownMoto_Flattrack_Canada005 Flattrack_Canada_SO005

Photo credit (above): Matt Rennick

TownMoto_Flattrack_Canada002 Flattrack_Canada_SO009

Photo credit (above): Jill Botting


Photo credit (above): Matt Rennick

TownMoto_Flattrack_Canada006 Flattrack_Canada_SO001

Photo credit (above): Jill Botting