All photos by: Viktor Radics

#TheMotoSocialToronto is a monthly motorcycle meetup in Toronto organized by Viktor Radics. It’s a great opportunity to meet other fellow riders, talk bikes, share your favourite rides and just check out everyone’s motorcycles.

It’s held on the first Wednesday of every month at an independently owned cafe or restaurant somewhere in the city. You can find out about it by following us (@townmoto) or Viktor (@vikpiccreative) on instagram or checking out its webpage: www.themotosocial.com or following its Facebook page for updates!

We asked Viktor a few questions about #TheMotoSocialToronto and how it came to be.

Town Moto: I'm sure there are a lot of places you've thought of hosting this event, but what would you say are the top three key things that make a good Moto Social location? Viktor: 1. A friendly independent cafe with good staff & good vibes 2. A cool street 3. Ample parking

TM: Hahah, right, Great things to keep in mind. I'sure that helps narrow it down. Before we get into some more meet up details - I thought we might back it up a bit - what is #TheMotoSocialToronto to you? Tell us a bit about your vision with the event. Viktor: My vision for #TheMotoSocialToronto is to bring the motorcycle community together in an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, connected and accepted. Where the "like-minded" could find each other, and naturally build relationships. #TheMotoSocialToronto is a way for me to positively impact my community and invite others to share in my love for motorcycling and humanity. My hope is that people leave more stoked about life and motorcycles.

TM: Actually, let's back it up even further - tell us a bit about yourself, who is Viktor Radics? And how did you decide to start these meet ups? Viktor: I’m a simple creative guy fascinated by life and humanity. Professionally I am a creative photographer specializing in Music, Portrait and Adventure Lifestyle photography and I’ve been working in the motorcycle industry since 2007 representing brands like Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Vespa and BMW. My vision is to create alluring work that inspires us all to break out of our protective cages and live life pursuing an authentic vision and purpose.

TM: We’ve seen this rad little event really grow in size since it’s inception - who’s showing up these Wednesday evenings? Viktor: The crowd ranges across the board from young guys and girls to older men and women. The bikes also range from vintage cafes, bobbers & scramblers to modern adventure bikes, touring bikes and rocket ships. The vibe is low-key, friendly and creative and everyone is welcome. I’m so excited about how much the event has grown over the last 2 years. I’m encouraged that people are having a great time and are continuing to come out. I love that I can have a cool & interesting chat with a couple in their later 60’s just as well as a young gal who just picked up her first bike and is pumped about getting into the bike life. People living in the various communities we host the event in walk over with their kids and their dog and hang with us regardless of being riders or not. I think it’s great that people feel welcomed and aren’t left out. The crowd really embraces the “new guy” and invites them in.


TM: What’s this summer and moto riding looking like for you? Anything you’re dying to do? Viktor: My summers over the last 8 years have always been crazy hectic while working at bike shops full-time. I didn’t have much free time to travel and ride in peak season, so now that I’m mostly freelancing with my photography I’m leaving my summer as open as possible to take on new work, go on trips with the homies and plan for bigger things ahead. There is a lot of moto exploring that I’d love to do but it will all depend on balance of time and money. I’m planning on joining some buds on a week long moto trip in the US at the end of May. Lets call it the #MotoBourbonTour. I’m also pumped to be going back to the Adirondacks with you folks at Town Moto for some moto camping & canoeing fun at the end of July. Los Angeles has really been calling me back as well. I would love to go back and tear up their epic canyon roads again. There are also tons of amazing roads and campsites in Ontario and Quebec that I’d love to check out. Looking at it now, I think I really need to make a plan...

TM: Anything else we should know about you/the Social? Viktor: I’m super thankful for everyone who has been regularly coming out to #TheMotoSocialToronto, supporting the event and spreading the word. Also, I’m super grateful for how supportive local shops have been with hosting the event. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you all for contributing and helping me make this happen. #TheMotoSocialToronto would not be the event that it is today if it wasn’t for you all. I’m excited to meet new faces in 2015 and team up with new independent business to create more and more good vibes for Toronto’s moto crew.