Jawa Speedway Bike | April 2015 Window Bike

This month’s window bike comes from Flat Track Canada organizer Aaron Hesmer. This is his Speedway Bike that he rode in 2012 when he won the CMA Canadian championship.

Aaron's speedway bike runs a JAWA (super short stroke "889") motor. It has a 90mm bore with a 78.5mm stroke. The engine runs on methanol with approx. 79hp and is cradled in Stuha Chassis. The whole bike weighs around 150lbs.


The clutch is an LZ design with harushi plates. The guy that makes the clutch plates glues each individual piece of rubber by hand. The carb is a blixt (MBR) carb. It's fully tunable with a dial tool. It has Talon engine plates and sprockets on it.


We have it in the window with it's cover off so you can peep beneath the hood. Come down to the shop and check out this awesome racer! Be sure to head over to Flat Track Canada and Goflattrack.com to learn more about the upcoming season and how you can check out and maybe get involved with Flat Track racing.