Affordable Riding Gear at Town Moto

affordable riding gear options

If you are looking for some gear that's easy on your bank account without sacrificing style or safety this post is for you! No matter the experience level or end use, these products are staples in the shop and some of our easiest sells.

TM Tip: All items featured in this post will meet and exceed MTO approved riding school requirements.

For the guys:

A simple leather jacket that works both on and off the bike, the full grain leather cowhide First Commando Jacket has side ribbing details that allow for stretch, subtle back vents, and a full insulated and removable liner. A crazy deal when you consider this jacket will look even better with age.

Z1R Reaper Leather gloves are new to us this season, but we are glad we found them! They have all the features we like in a glove: above the wrist coverage but still a short style, reinforced gel palm, minimal branding and knuckle protection. In denim, we like to keep it realistic for around the city. We like options we can wear all day, at work, at a restaurant. 

The Levi's Skate Collection of denim is a more rigid option than a regular stretch denim, with properties such as reinforced stitching and a overall more durable construction. Shown here in the 504 cut, this style fits a bit wider in the thigh for more ease of movement getting on and off the bike.


Like the pants suggestion, we like boots we can wear in all situations. These Chippewa Apaches cover motorcycle needs with above the ankle coverage, strong ankle build and slip resistant Vibram soles. Throw some Dubbin on them and they will also get you through the rain. Available in 6" and 8" heights as well as wide widths by special order.

It can be tricky to know what you are getting in a helmet, but the Zox Thunder R2 covers a basic full-face requirement in as simple a shell as possible. DOT certified, visor, venting and removable liner, you've got a basic full-face helmet that will make your mom and your wallet feel better.


For the ladies:

Summer will eventually arrive and when it does you will want a jacket that you will want to wear in 30 degree heat.The Levi's Trucker jacket is on most of the shop ladies for around town rides, as it offers the protection of a heavy denim, with a cut that makes you feel good about yourself. Ask us about talking to a local seamstress about adding d30 armor pockets for additional protection.

Z1R Vaudeville Glove is a hard one to beat for the price. Above the wrist coverage in a short style, reinforced gel palm and minimal branding, make this glove an easy shop fave.

Some may say the Ugly Bros Twiggy Pant is far from inexpensive, but if you look at what is out there as an alternative and then look at how good you look in these pants and then divide the price by how often you are going to wear these and how long they are going to last you, we would say you won't be feeling any post purchase regret. Armoured in the hips and the knees these pants fit small but we can always help you with sizing, and do lots of special orders for other colours.

Alimate Chopper Boot is about as classic as it gets. These boots will hold up to just about anything you can put them through. Made from super tough cowhide leather, they include above ankle protection, a solid heel cup, anti-slip Goodyear welt soles, and a reinforced toe cap. No one will mess with you in these boots!

In the open face style, Biltwell do it best with the Bonanza 3/4 DOT helmet. A plush feeling interior, slim shell shape, Multiple color options and lots of additional snap on visor accessories, make this a great choice if open air is your thing.

Drop the shop, or shoot us an email anytime at for more gear suggestions/advice, we're always happy to help!

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