Costa Moto Part III


Here's our last Costa Rica moto adventure re-cap. If you haven't had a chance to check out some of the previous posts you can find them with the following links:

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Our second last day of riding took us from our house 45 minutes south-west of Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula to Parrita where we staying for the night. After the first couple of hours we said goodbye to the rough, tiny dirt roads, hilly terrain and river crossings and got back onto asphalt and made good time on the 2o5 to the 2 to the 34 Carr Pacifica. It wasn't a far drive that day and everyone split off into groups of various speeds. There's a lot of places to stop and eat along this stretch as well as beaches to stop at, palm tree groves to explore and rivers with crocodiles to look out for.

TM_CostaMoto3025 TM_CostaMoto3012 TM_CostaMoto3019 TM_CostaMoto3010 TM_CostaMoto3022 TM_CostaMoto3001 TM_CostaMoto3024

Our last night on the road we were lucky to stay at a hotel that had an amazingly long beach and were able to soak up a great sunset. The area was an interesting mix of hotels that were full and completely abandoned ruins of hotels that never quite opened. The road that ran along the beach was lined with Palm trees and was about as stereotypical beach paradise as anyone could dream up.

TM_CostaMoto3023 TM_CostaMoto3021 TM_CostaMoto3013 TM_CostaMoto3029 TM_CostaMoto3028 TM_CostaMoto3002 TM_CostaMoto3003 TM_CostaMoto3004 TM_CostaMoto3005

We took our time leaving the next day and had one last swim in the ocean before gearing up and getting on the bikes for the last time. I think our last day was the hottest riding of the trip and definitely the least scenic but still offered some excitement as far as crocodile sightings go. The 27 into San Jose brought us through some amazing hills. Lucky for us on Sundays Highway 27 into San Jose is one-way to allow for all the people coming home from the beaches after the weekend so we made great time and were for the most part not stuck in a hot traffic jam all afternoon.

TM_CostaMoto3030 TM_CostaMoto3007

We arrived in San Jose late afternoon and after gassing the bikes up dropped them back at Wild Riders who made the process of checking in 10 rental bikes super smooth. A big thanks to Wild Riders who made renting bikes in CR a piece of cake.

We had a great trip in Costa Rica! Definitely an amazing country to explore by motorcycle. The beautiful weather, beaches, country side, wildlife and people don't hurt either. If you have any questions about doing a trip like feel free to drop by the shop and ask us some questions or hit us up via our contact page.

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