Best Selling Women's Jackets

Best Selling Women's Jackets at Town Moto

As a follow up to last week's best selling men's riding jackets blog post - we wanted to show off some of the best selling women's jackets we're currently stocking here at Town Moto.  Here are our top three best sellers - and two honorable mentions.

Our top Seller: The Roland Sands Vada


We think this jacket wins top spot because of its ability to add armor without adding visible pounds. Lightweight and shaped to a women's body, it has stretch ribbing and zippers at the hips allowing for it to fit tight without being restrictive. This jacket is based off the popular mens Tracker, and has all of the same details without any sacrifice for being a "womens" model. This jacket is stocked in the shop in both black and ranger brown.

TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies002 TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies003 TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies004 

The Number Two: The Roland Sands Maven


In leather, Roland Sands wins again. Not only does this jacket come in other colors such as Tobacco brown and Oxblood Red, it fits. It looks good zipped up, and also allows full armor. This cut is longer in the back, has pre-curved arms, and looks all around badass. This jacket is stocked at the shop in black and can be ordered in in both oxblood red and tobacco brown.


TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies007 TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies008  

The Number Three: Alpinestar's Vika


This jacket fits like a second skin. It looks sportier on the hanger than with jeans, and although runs small in sizing, (we recommend sizing up) it's stretch capabilities are well thought out. Vest lined, and armoured (both shoulders and elbows), it is impossible not to feel confident in this jacket. For a shorter cut, there is ample length in the back for coverage in aggressive riding positions, and it also includes a zipper at the waist to match either the complimentary Vika pant or an alternative of your choice.

TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies010 TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies013 

Our Honorable Mention and other great jacket options:

The Markoo Electra Moto Jacket

A new line for 2015's season, Markoo is designed locally in Toronto. This particular jacket was produced in Portugal, a country sought out for their reputable leather work. This is hands down the best fitting classic motorcycle jacket we have tried, and the quality of the cowhide is tough enough for our approval on the highway.

TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies015 TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies016 TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies014

The Levi's Coated Shore Jacket

Yes, there are a million brands who make a denim jacket, but few of them will be perfect. Levi's makes the perfect fitting denim jacket to cover you on those August days full of traffic and 2nd gear riding. Add armor pockets via a local seamstress and you have a highly protective jacket that you want to wear in the heat of summer!

TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies021 TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies022 TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies024 TM_Best_Jackets_Ladies018

All of our women's riding jackets can be seen in the 'Women's jackets' section of our website. Special orders can be made by contacting us at

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