Toronto Motorcycle Show 2015


A couple of weeks ago we went to check out The Toronto Motorcycle show. It's a great chance to check out all the major manufacturer's new motorcycles, see some cool old bikes, and even get to sit on some new bikes to see how they feel if you're in the market for something new. The show is a great way to forget about the snow for an afternoon and start dreaming about our upcoming riding season. If you missed this but are feeling like hitting up a similar show the Spring Motorcycle show is coming up in a couple of weeks!

TM_TorontoMotoShow007 TM_TorontoMotoShow008 TM_TorontoMotoShow002 TM_TorontoMotoShow005 TM_TorontoMotoShow011 TM_TorontoMotoShow009 TM_TorontoMotoShow010 TM_TorontoMotoShow012 TM_TorontoMotoShow006 TM_TorontoMotoShow004 TM_TorontoMotoShow014 TM_TorontoMotoShow013 TM_TorontoMotoShow016 TM_TorontoMotoShow015 TM_TorontoMotoShow025 TM_TorontoMotoShow018 TM_TorontoMotoShow017