Mamma Tried Re-Cap 2015


Unfortunately we weren't able to make it down to Mamma Tried a couple of weeks ago but luckily for us (and you) our good friend Matt was in Milwaukee for it and let us share his experience and great photos with you. Looks like it was an amazing show and a real fun time. We will definitely have to make the trip next year.

From Matt:

Over the years my work has taken me a great many places. For the last couple of years, the focus of my work has been on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles which fortunately means being sent to Milwaukee relatively often - a rad city… noticeably radder in the summer when I can ride down and enjoy the city properly, but rad none the less even when there's snow on the ground.

TM_MamaTried003 TM_MamaTried008 TM_MamaTried009

Two years in a row now, I’ve been unlucky enough to get sent to Milwaukee in the winter but two years in a row I’ve been lucky enough that it happened to be right at the same time as the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show.

Mama Tried is in it’s second year. The show is put on by Scott Johnson (of Fuel Cafe, Comet Cafe, Palamino Bar and also organizes Rockerbox ) and Warren J Heir Jr of Jr’s Cycle Products.

After work on the Friday, I made my mandatory visit to the H-D Museum.  This is a magical place, even if you don’t like Harleys… Hell, even if you don’t like Motorcycles… If you like history and rad shit, the Museum is an absolute must. The building was designed by Pentagram and houses, among other things, some of the oldest and rarest American motorcycles in existence. Pro-tip: If you want cool Harley merchandise that isn’t a flaming bedazzled ripper-cap, this is a good place to get it… And the deep fried cheese curds are like whoa!

TM_MamaTried012 TM_MamaTried010 TM_MamaTried011 TM_MamaTried013

One of the things I like most about Mama Tried, especially because it is held in the home of the Milwaukee Tractor, is the diversity of bikes and people all housed under one roof… People like to think of Milwaukee as a Harley town, and that’s not untrue, but what is much more true is that Milwaukee is a motorcycle town. People there, of all ages, of all walks of life, love motorcycles! Period.

This show could very well be a generic CoolGuy™ Chopper show and it’s just not… Sure, lots of CoolGuys™, lots of Choppers… but not just that. Lots of different types of bikes built for different types of people - and everyone there is pumped to get up close and personal with them.

Its a strange time to be alive and into… well… anything. You start to feel like you’ve seen it all before and yet it was great to see bikes, and meet up with people that you only know from these little glowing boxes too many of stare at every waking moment.  Noticeably bigger than last year, both floors were chock-a-block full of incredible pieces of machinery.

TM_MamaTried006 TM_MamaTried005

My “best in show” was definitely the knucklehead built by Jordan Dickinson for Union Speed & Style. The level of detail on this thing is unreal - from the incredible metalwork, to the engine coating, to the tiny coiled braided wire powering the headlight - everything was just perfect.

TM_MamaTried002 TM_MamaTried001 TM_MamaTried021 TM_MamaTried020

Last year I had to leave early so I missed the Ice Racing on Lake Michigan - this year I packed extra warm stuff and made sure I wasn’t going to miss it… and we were not disappointed!  It was as cold as you would imagine, but it was a real treat to watch those bikes ripping around the marina. There were lots of new bikes but Benderwerks’ 60 Shovel, Wheels Through Time’s 1916 Harley, and Revival Cycles' Sporty were real crowd pleasers.

TM_MamaTried017 TM_MamaTried019 TM_MamaTried014 TM_MamaTried015

Shout out to the good people at Harley-Davidson. Shoutout to The Speed Merchant. Shoutout to The Summertime Dudes. Shoutout to The Iron Horse Hotel. Shoutout to Koz’s Mini-Bowl. Until next time, Milwaukee!

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