Costa Moto Part II


The Osa Peninsula is known for being one of the most bio-diverse areas of the world so not only were we cheating and getting to ride in the dead of winter on this trip, but we were getting to do it through some pretty gorgeous landscapes, scenery and getting to see tons of wild life; plenty of different monkees, toucans, macaws, coatis, weird bugs and so on.

If you haven't checked out Part I of our Costa Moto adventure, click here to see our trip from San Jose to the Osa Peninsula. Now that we had made it to our house, we had six days to spend doing whatever we wanted before heading back to San Jose via the Coastal Highway.  We took the bikes out for some smaller day trips, exploring some of the dirt roads around our house and out closer towards Corcovado National Park. We noticed a few of the bikes we had were not as good in the dirt especially the NX4's which had tires and suspension that were really better suited for road riding, so if you're planning a similar trip and want to get on some dirt you might have more fun on one of the DRZ400's or DR650's if you can stand over them.

At the house we were lucky enough to be within walking distance of some great beaches and a little hike away from a waterfall. Despite the copious amount of stuff to check out and bikes to ride we were also just happy to have some time to relax with our buds somewhere it wasn't snowing where you had the option of drinking a beer in a pool.

Everyone seemed to really dig the area and the time off in the Osa Peninsula and exploring some of her back roads. Here are a bunch of shots we took while booting around, exploring, or just taking in the scenery.

Our next & final post for Costa Moto will run through the ride back to San Jose along the Coast, stay tuned!

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