The One Moto Show

The 1 Moto show is a custom motorcycle show held in Portland, OR. This year marks the 6th year it's been going on and we've been lucky enough to be able to check out the last few show. See our blog posts on the 2013 & 2014 shows we made it out for. The 1 show is put on by Thor and the See See Motorcycles crew along with an amazing cast of volunteers and friends. The main reason I've always been attracted to the show is that it's always been appreciative of all styles of bikes and places all bikes on a pedestal from polished modern customs to rag-tag garage specials built on the cheap. It's a show for people who love all types of motorcycles and it's a lot of fun.

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This years show happened over Feb. 13 - 15. With over 100 bikes at the 1 show we spent a good portion of each day just checking out the bikes and pouring over all the details on each one. The bike builders range from established full-time shops to garage enthusiasts who work on their bikes at night and on weekends and it's great to see them lined up side by side. On top of all the custom motorcycles at the show there is also a ton of great moto-inspired artwork to check out hanging on the walls complementing their 3d counterparts.

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Another part of the show that's always cool to see is the 21 Helmets custom Motorcycle Show. This years show was sponsored by Bell and all creations used the Bell Bullitt as their canvas. Like the 1 Moto Show, 21 Helmets features artists from all walks, disciplines and skill sets and it's cool to see what ideas all these different artists come up with. Toronto air-brush artist Black Widow Airbrushing contributed a great one with her piranah inspired helmet.

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Having followed James Crowe's and Jordan Hufnagle's epic trip from Whistler to Patagonia online it was really cool to see West America's bikes in person along with some of the great photos from their epic trip. If  you haven't heard of them take a moment to check out their site and read up on their great adventure, definitely inspiring stuff.

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See See Motorcycles is an excellent motorcycle shop in Portland who on top of organizing this show, sling great coffee, sell rad moto stuff, race their bikes, have fun and still have time to knock out a few cool bikes every year. Check out their video of their custom Rokon they made for Danner Boots.

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Chrome Industries hosted some mini-bike board tracking under the big top and for $10 donation to the Mount St. Helens Motorcycle club you could race your buddy for glory or the potential to eat hay bale which is what most people ended up winning but everyone was having a good time regardless of how much they stayed on or off the track.

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Thanks to the See See Motorcycles crew for putting on such a fun event. If you haven't been put it on your list of things to do next winter. It makes for a great weekend in an already fun town with weather that won't have you missing Toronto anytime soon. Can't wait for next year!

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