Townmoto Throwback Contest - 2015


Contest Winner: @nostalgia_memoir

Thanks so much to everyone that participated in our Town Moto Throwback contest! I gotta say, having these pictures come in all week was a real highlight for us here in cold, wintery Toronto. Picking the winning shots ended up being a heck of a lot harder then we thought and were so pumped on all the pics that we wanted to get to share some more of our favorites with you - so here are some more! Click on the images below to see each person's instagram account.

Thanks again to everyone that shared pics and for all the trip inspiration, rad stories, open roads and reminding us why we do what we do, ftw!

- The TM Crew

Townmototb_contest004 Townmototb_contest01Townmototb_contest02 Townmototb_contest012 Townmototb_contest03Townmototb_contest04 Townmototb_contest06Townmototb_contest05 Townmototb_contest021 Townmototb_contest07Townmototb_contest08 Townmototb_contest002 Townmototb_contest09Townmototb_contest10 Townmototb_contest11Townmototb_contest12 Townmototb_contest008 Townmototb_contest14Townmototb_contest13 Townmototb_contest18Townmototb_contest19 Townmototb_contest014 Townmototb_contest15Townmototb_contest16 Townmototb_contest019 Townmototb_contest20Townmototb_contest21 Townmototb_contest009

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