The International Motorcycle Supershow 2015


The International Motorcycle Supershow in January is one we always like to check out. On top of seeing all the great bikes it's a good chance to see some of our moto friends we don't get to  see very often.

TownMoto_MotorcycleShow002 TownMoto_MotorcycleShow003

Kemp Archibald from Ripple Rock Racers had some of their new builds and were also showcasing some of the new exhausts they are producing with Hindle for Honda cb750's & 550's and also took home the award for best Cafe for his bike that is now our January window bike. Flat Track Canada had a booth spreading some Flat Track love and letting people know what they're up to in 2015. Manse and the Ontario Norton Owners were there in fine form and Doug Lawrence was even there on the Saturday letting motorcycle fans know what he's up to.

TownMoto_MotorcycleShow014 TownMoto_MotorcycleShow015

There's just a lot of stuff to lay your eyeballs on from bikes to gear to different bike organizations and racing groups who are looking to gain new members and spectators. And a whole room of vintage motorcycles to wish you owned. If you didn't check it out there's always next year!

TownMoto_MotorcycleShupershow015 TownMoto_MotorcycleShupershow002 TownMoto_MotorcycleShow006 TownMoto_MotorcycleShow007 TownMoto_MotorcycleShupershow013 TownMoto_MotorcycleShow008 TownMoto_MotorcycleShupershow001 TownMoto_MotorcycleShow009 TownMoto_MotorcycleShow010 TownMoto_MotorcycleShow011 TownMoto_MotorcycleShow012 TownMoto_MotorcycleShow013 TownMoto_MotorcycleShupershow007 TownMoto_MotorcycleShupershow008 TownMoto_MotorcycleShupershow009 TownMoto_MotorcycleShupershow011 TownMoto_MotorcycleShupershow010 TownMoto_MotorcycleShupershow012