1974 Honda Trail 90 - December 2014 Window Bike


Photos by Alex Lee

Our December window comes from our friend Chris Chown who's loaned us a number of bikes in the past from his collection. This perfectly restored 1974 Honda Trail 90 is the perfect gift hauler. Chris finished this one up last year and it was great to see it's progress from start to finish. Come by the shop for a closer look!

TM_Dec_Windowboke002 TM_Dec_Windowboke003 TM_Dec_Windowboke004 TM_Dec_Windowboke005 TM_Dec_Windowboke006 TM_Dec_Windowboke007 TM_Dec_Windowboke008 TM_Dec_Windowboke010 TM_Dec_Windowboke009

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