West Coastin' - Part 5


Day 7 Torrey to Zion National Park

A real testament to how friendly people can be when you are traveling on a motorcycle, was when we found out about highway 12. As we were stopped at a gas station some local men who were also filling up side by side asked us about our planned route for the day, to which they both immediately advised us against. I can’t say how our original route would have turned out, but Highway 12 put us on top of white rock peaks that twisted for miles and overlooked where we were going and where we were headed. We were pretty glad we ran into those guys. Pretty glad we didn't fall off the sides!

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At this point every day had been even better than the last. When you start with a tick off a bucket list, that says a lot. Maybe it is because no one told me Utah looked like this, or maybe it was because we decided to trust the route and not ruin it with any google street view research. On this day we ended up riding into Zion National Park at sunset. Riding through the winding, red cliffs and hills and even tunnel cut outs through the rocks, it felt like we were in some kind of movie set to look like mars. As with this entire trip, there was little to no other vehicles on the road. We felt like all the hard work to get us there was worth it and it was so good that maybe now the scale had been tipped and we owed the world more. This is the type of setting that puts your life in context. I was grateful to feel it from a motorcycle. Immediately knew we would be back.

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Day 8 Zion To Las Vegas "from Nature To Neon!"

Since the park has such an effect on us, we woke up early the next morning to do a small hike. As it happens you can meet some incredible people by motorcycling. It is easy to talk to someone when their common interest is so visible. From ladies in the desert for Babes Ride Out, to a customer from Toronto ontop of a lookout, to someone on a worldwide trip, it can feel really good to be in the mix of going somewhere, even if just for a few days. It is hard to meet someone going longer than you and not want to go longer yourself.

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We gave ourselves a timeline in the park, took one last rip though the switchbacks and faced what we thought would be a day of boring interstae into Nevada. Pleasantly wrong again, the interstate runs through state lines and in between rock mountains that provide all new landscapes that keep you from sulking that you are on the path to the final stop.

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Only the few miles into the city does reality set in and sweaty Vegas appears. We were both a little culture shocked to have gone from being alone in nature to being surrounded by cars, lights and excess. We dropped off our bikes to Eagleriders Las Vegas, and did our best at partaking in the neon and excitement of Vegas for one night. Although Vegas is not our favorite city, it was a great place to end the trip. It made us miss our own city, our own lives and our own bikes.

If you ride a motorcycle in this city and are even thinking about doing a trip, I would recommend this one. It was the best trip yet for all the obvious reasons, but more importantly it is epic enough that your come back motivated for more of the great things you can do in your life motorcycle related and beyond, it was worth it beyond the cost. If you'd like to do a similar trip stop by the shop or email us any questions and check out the Roadery for this route and more.


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