West Coastin' - Part 4


Day 6: Kayenta to Torrey As we passed through the red landscape that surrounds this part of Arizona and leads into Utah we had no idea what was in store for us. There are many roads on this trip that lead into forever, where you can’t see the end, or the turn and you feel like it is taking you into the belly of mountain itself. This road was now a gravel incline that zig zagged its way back and fourth across the cliffs face. It was sign posted "5 MPH loose gravel". This was the Roadery’s route we were following and we were on rental sportsters and stoked. We slowly made our way, back and forth, up the road stopping every few turns to take it all in and to look out back across the vastness of Arizona. Once at the top we realized Utah was about to blow all the amazing things we had seen in California away. Every road and turn would take us through new geography and some stretches of road were spent saying "Holy Sh*t* repeatedly.  

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From forests of pine trees, to desert cliffs and mountains for miles, with only a tiny gas station in the middle of nowhere, to valleys where the Colorado River made its way through and then finally into Capital Reef National Park. This day was epic, maybe my best one on a motorcycle yet. The sandstone rock formations made it feel like we were riding through another planet as the highway wound its way through section after section of amazing terrain. We probably added an hour on to our riding time from going so slow and just looking up at the massive cliffs as we drove through.


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