West Coastin' - Part 3


Day 4: Needles to Grand Canyon on Route 66 The legendary Route 66 has been featured in so many great American road films, for that reason alone we were pretty excited to ride through the landscape that was the backdrop for Easy Rider. Given the fact that the highway is so famous, it still feels pretty remote and hasn't been turned into a tourist trap. Route 66 is still just a classic piece of road with some great views, greasy diners and remote riding. It felt good to check it off the list and head towards the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We had come off of a long day of riding so we were lucky to arrive just as the sun was setting. After a quick mile hike to the edge, we sat with our feet dangling into the canyon and tried to even grasp how monumental what were looking at was. Living in the city, you realize your brain is not used to taking in something so big. It is one of those things that is hard to explain with words or capture in a photo.

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Day 5: Grand Canyon to Kayenta and Monument Valley The next morning the Roadery route took us back into the park and on a road that hugged the rim. I know I'll end up saying this about all the parks, but we will definitely return to the Grand Canyon. It can be hard on trip like this to balance exploring and riding. If anything these trips make you realize you need to do this type of thing more, give more of yourself to adventure and get out of your comfort zone.

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From the edge of the Canyon, we ripped out of the cooler forest landscape and back down into the desert and grasslands making our way to Monument Valley. Arriving just a few hours before sunset and were able to relax and have a coffee on the patio that overlooks the park's massive rock formations. Motorcycles aren't allowed into the valley, so instead we watched trucks and cars get stuck in the sand as they tried to conquer the steep terrain. It was another place that was too beautiful to process.

- Liam

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