Harley Davidson XR750 - November 2014 Window Bike


All bike images by Alex Lee | Doug's Racing Photos by Tom Stein

We're happy to have our Town Moto sponsored racer Doug Lawrence #73 Harley Davidson XR750 in our window this month. I've tried to get this bike in the window for awhile now but it is usually being raced or worked on and typically it can't be spared for one whole month. Knowing that Doug and Doug Sr. will be doing most of the prep on it themselves this winter I knew we might have a chance at stealing it away for a month before they tear it down and get it ready for the 2015 season.

Doug and his dad co-own this XR750 and have built it to be the perfect bike for him. Doug always favors his own XR750 but also in 2014 raced a XR750 owned by Jon Castin (used primarily for mile races) and two XR750's owned by Weibler's Harley Davidson in Iowa. But this is his baby and preferred bike to race especially on the half-mile tracks. Doug said to me recently that most of his best and worst days were spent on this bike. When it's running strong and you're feeling good on the bike it's the best but having mechanical problems that keep you out of a race, or from making a main event is the most frustrating thing for a racer.

If you've never seen an AMA Grand National Championship race make sure to youtube a few to get an idea of what Doug and the other pros are up to every other weekend in the summer and what these bikes can do when ridden by a GNC Expert Twins Pro.

Below are a few of the modications and components that make up this race bike:

Front Wheel 19" Excel

Rear Wheel 19" Akront 3.0 with quick change hub

Dunlop tires

First Klass glass fork guards/ fiberglass tank / tail section

Honda CBR F4I forks with Penske kit

Weiss racing adjustable triple clamps

Vortex handlebars/ sprockets

Saddlemen seat

Stauffer Racing Engines built engine 38mm

Flatside Mikuni carbs

Grimeca master cylinder w/ Brembo rear caliper

Penske kitted rear shock

Supertrapp exhaust

TM_HarleyXR650_DougLawrence011 TM_HarleyXR650_DougLawrence006 TM_HarleyXR650_DougLawrence005 TM_HarleyXR650_DougLawrence003 TM_HarleyXR650_DougLawrence002 TM_HarleyXR650_DougLawrence009 TM_HarleyXR650_DougLawrence004 TM_HarleyXR650_DougLawrence001 TM_HarleyXR650_DougLawrence012 TM_HarleyXR650_DougLawrence013 Doug_1 Photo above by Tim Stein

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