West Coastin' - Part 2


Day 2: Heading to Palm Springs LA can be a pretty intense place for highway riding and after about an hour of aggressive drivers and 100 degree weather, we were pretty excited to get off the interstate and get on some windy roads cutting towards Palm Springs. Eagle Riders had set out some great routes for the whole trip and within minutes off Highway 5 and we were feeling confident in their recommendations. It was awesome to wind around a bend a find yourself in the home of the Elsinore Grand Prix, or maybe more talked about the setting of Any Given Sunday. Lake Elsinore is at the end of the Ortega Highway and it was a trip to be there in person. Windy roads, off the beaten path, no traffic, minus the heat we were off to a really great start. It was hard to imagine it could get better, and it was only the first real day of riding.

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Day 3: Joshua Tree National Park We left Palm Springs and drove through fields of windmills on our way to starting the first leg of Historic Route 66. The highway literally winds for miles through the hills as you make your way through small towns. We had been given the recommendation from Matt Davis at Dice to make a quick stop over in Pioneer Town for Pappy and Harriets. Pioneer Town looks exactly as it sounds, an old western town that still has a community living within it. After a much needed cool down, we hit the road for Joshua Tree. All motorcycles are granted a discounted rate of admission in National Parks. It is this type of price break that makes you realize that riding the US actually isn't that expensive once on the bike. At this point we were spending barely $10 in gas per 100 miles. For the next few hours we laughed our way through the park taking in how good it felt to check a life goal off the list.


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