Brooklyn Invitational 2014


All photos care of: Jill Botting

Our friends Shamus and Jill recently took in the Brooklyn Invitational in NYC. You may remember Jill's great photos from Dirt Quake USA this year. Well fortunately for you she brought her camera again and captured some great bikes and moments at the show.

The Brooklyn Invitational is a custom motorcycle show in it's 6th year. Every year they have some of the best custom motorcycle builders from North America and abroad bring their creations to Brooklyn.

This years list of builders was: Jesse Bassett, Dan Bacon Carr, Brandon Casquilho, Paul Cox, Girard Fox, Tom Fugle, Tim Harney, Oliver Jones, Scott Jones, Satya Kraus, Alex Lerner, Tyler Malinky, Jason Paul Michaels/Herm Narciso, James Roper-Caldbeck, Aki Sakamoto, Stephan Pate/Keino Sasaki, Max Schaaf, Walt Siegl, Nicke Svensson, Paul Wideman, Jeff Wright.

To see more of Jill's photo's you can visit our facebook page.

TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-002 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-003 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-004 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-005 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-007 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-006 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-010 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-008 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-009 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-012 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-011 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-013 TMxBrooklyn_Invitational-015

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