Motopeg: The Way Back

Leaving Winnipeg

The way back from any trip can be a bumout at times but it certainly helps having 3 days of great riding ahead of you to forget about your trip getting shorter by the day. We had a great couple of days in Winnipeg but it was a nice feeling to get back on the bikes and hit all that great scenery again from the opposite way.

Gas stop east of Dryden Riding East on Highway 17 towards Thunder Bay Kekebeka Falls Ripping into Thunder Bay

Day 1 - Winnipeg to Thunder Bay - 700km

Alex and I had spent our last night in Winnipeg while Marika, Liam and Viktor had headed out to a cottage towards Ontario so we had plans to meet in Thunder Bay that evening but ended up randomly getting gas in Dryden at the same time and our crew was reunited. Spent the day mostly blasting along the nice roads that cut through the low tree covered rocky hills and lakes that make up most of the scenery once you get into Ontario through to Thunder Bay. Didn't stop too much until we got to Kakabeka Falls, just outside of Thunder Bay. Really nice spot! It's pretty cool as well rolling up on Thunder Bay and seeing Mount Mckay shooting up from the horizon.

Riding towards Marathon, ON One of many road side stops Break time at Old Woman Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park TM-029

Day 2 - Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie - 700km

Was really looking forward to this day as we missed seeing a lot of it due to fog on the first day. Had great weather all day. I had done the ride out past Winnipeg before but had never come back the same way so I was surprised by how different everything looked. Amazingly scenic ride, all the same spots but it was great to see it from a different perspective. East from Thunder Bay you pass by Sleeping Giant Provincial Park almost right away which looks amazing. We stopped at a few spots in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Old Woman Bay and the Falls at Sand River. Definitely would have been nice to camp here and spend a few days exploring the park but just didn't have the time on this trip. Definitely one of my favourite spots in Ontario.

In Wawa again for gas! roll me away Sand River, Lake Superior Provincial Park / French River Provincial Park TM-033

Day 3 - Sault Ste. Marie to Toronto - 679km

Last day on the road and we were definitely stopping a bit less and just getting some riding down. Still love this stretch though. There are definitely a lot of nice spots between the Sault and Sudbury to stop for a dip if you're not in a hurry. Our friend Stephen from Toronto was looking for a ride and joined us for our last day of the trip. We were skirting a storm all around Sudbury and south on the 69 but got lucky and stayed dry for the most part. Took a bit of a detour on the way back to stop in Bala for a break. We were able to make it into the Toronto Moto Social fashionably late. It was a nice way to end the trip getting to see some friends and share a few stories. I said it earlier and I'll say it again, I love this ride. If you have a chance to do it and want any tips on cool spots to stop come by the shop and talk to us about it! In case you missed it read about our trip to Winnipeg here!

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