1976 Jawa 653 ISDT bike - July 2014 Window Bike


Photo Credit: Alex Lee

With Lawrence Hacking's Overland Adventure Rally coming up this weekend we decided that a vintage enduro bike would be the perfect bike to have in our window for July. The bike is part of Lawrence's Collection but was previously owned and raced by Jim 'Jawa' Fisher in the 1976 ISDT. The Czech bike is 350cc of off road greatness. Jawa enduros were extremely purpose built and came with a complete set of spares and tools and including a hammer for bending parts back into shape on the course. ISDT racers are only permitted to make repairs with parts and tools that they carry on the bike.

The 653 model also features a kickstarted that swings forward so that they bike could easily be started in a seated position facing uphill. Other handy features include an enclosed chain which reduced wear and need for as many chain adjustments. The centre stand was also carefully positioned so that if you were changing the front or rear tire the bike would balance on whichever wheel was still on the bike.

This weekend starting on Friday through until Sunday is the Overland Adventure Rally in Campbellville, ON at the Mohawk Inn and Conference Centre. For more info please visit their website and come and say hi to us we'll be there Friday and Saturday and participating in the ride during the day Saturday. We had a blast last year and this year is shaping up to be even better! Check out our blog post from last year for photos on of the event.

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