Custom Yamaha Bolt - June 2014 Window Bike


Photos by: Alex Lee

We're a little late with June's window bike blog because we wanted to take some proper photos of it outside of the window. Yamaha Motor Canada were kind enough to loan us their custom 'The Lightning Bolt' for the month of June.

The modification and customizing on 'The Lightning' were done by Brooklin Cycle out of Pickering, ON. The basis of this custom revolves around combining elements of a Yamaha R1 with the Bolt. The front end has R1 inverted forks and triples with a modified steering stem. The wheels and brakes are also R1 items that required some modification to make work. The whole back-end of the bike has been modified to accept an R1 seat and tail section and accommodate the new suspension. The air cleaner is a Bolt accessory item and the engine now breathes through a Hindle performance exhaust. The gas tank has been modified with the stock bolt gas cap being cut out and replaced by an R1 unit. Basically if they could jam an R1 part on this bike they did it and it results in a great sporty-looking bike.

Thanks for letting us have it for the month Yamaha! If you want a chance to test ride a bolt (not this one unfortunately!) Keep an eye on Yamaha Motor Canada's Facebook page as that's where they post what events they'll be at and where you can take one for a spin.

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