Dirt Quake USA, 2014


All photos care of: Jill Botting

This past weekend Dirt Quake USA was happening in Castle Rock, Washington. While we were not lucky enough to be in attendance some of our good friends made it out were able to share their photos with us so we could share what looked like a really fun event with you. Thanks to Jill Botting for these photos from the Sunday DQUSA races. We're going to have another blog post from our friend Brett Beadle on his experience and some info on the bike he built to race at the event.



For those unfamiliar with the event i'll share some words from the founders Sideburn Magazine: The original Dirt Quake, back in 2012, was Sideburn magazine's idea to get novices racing their motorcycles, motorcycles that don't fit into normal motorcycle sport, and at a minimum cost. For 2014 Sideburn has combined with See See Motorcycles of Portland, OR to take Dirt Quake to a Grand National Championship track in the Pacific North-West. Dirt Quake USA is a two-day event, with the opportunity to watch the pros and top amateurs race pure flat track bikes on Saturday, then race or point at complete novices compete on totally unfit-for-purpose bikes in the special Dirt Quake classes on Sunday.

On Saturday night is a camp out with music. Sunday if purely for road bikes and the emphasis is on fun and enjoying the experience, not red mist and race bikes. It's also a show for spectators of all ages and will include dangerous stunts; live music; and the unforgettable spectacle of watching the exceptionally unprepared try to race the wilfully inappropriate.

TM_DirtQuake_JBotting006 TM_DirtQuake_JBotting004 TM_DirtQuake_JBotting007

If everyone we talked to and the internet weren't lying it was a complete success and hopefully they'll have it again next year giving us an opportunity to get out on the track and have fun with everyone on the West Coast. Congrats to Sideburn and See See Motorcycles for putting such a fun event. The photos definitely make us feel like we missed out on something great!

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