The 1 Moto Show

The 1 Moto Show - Portland, OR


Last weekend I made my way out to Portland, Oregon to check out The 1 Moto Show. Last April I rode down to Austin, TX to see their first non-Portland version of the show but kept hearing that the Portland show was the one I should be checking out. We flew into some unusually wintery weather for Portland which stuck around the entire weekend and made things interesting.

The 1 Moto Show - Portland, OR The 1 Moto Show - Portland, OR

The Portland show did not disappoint and it was a great weekend of custom motorcycles. A lot of the builders in the show were furiously building right up until the show and it was impressive to follow them online and see them finish their bikes and get them to the show in time.

The 1 Moto Show - Portland, OR The 1 Moto Show - Portland, OR - Triumph Chop by Brett Beadle

I've said it before but I really enjoy the 1 Moto Show and think it has huge appeal because of the wide range of bikes. There's choppers, cafes, street trackers, racebikes, just about everything you can think of and even some you can't. The show attracts people who love motorcycles and it makes for a great vibe and a fun weekend.

The 1 Moto Show - Portland, OR
The 1 Moto Show - Portland, OR Knucklehead by Max Schaff
The 1 Moto Show - Portland, OR - Thor Drake & Ornamental Conifer

The 1 show also has tons of great photography and art on display, a custom helmet show, and bands in the evening. The show is all about fun but that doesn't mean there weren't any awards. The talented Ornamental Conifer painted some great looking gas tanks and select judges gave them away to the bike they best felt represented the award.

The 1 Moto Show - Portland, OR The 1 Moto Show - Portland, OR - BMW R100 - By Boyle Custom Moto

We had a really great weekend at the show and want to extend a big thank you to the See See Motorcycles and The 1 Moto Show crew for putting on an excellent show. We'll be back next year for sure and highly recommend checking it out if you can make your way to Portland next February.

The One Motorcycle Show Books Vol. 1 & 2

The 1 Moto Show makes a book for every year that they've had the show. At the moment they have the first and second year in press and we have them in the shop. Years 3 & 4 will be coming out soon. You can buy 1 & 2 now as a set online, or separately: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2