Our Bikes in Mexico

Riding in Troncones, Mexico

Finding bikes to rent while on our trip proved to be a little trickier. We ended up booking our house without first securing bikes because finding a suitable house for 20 people was a big enough challenge. Various people on message boards said you could rent from a Kawasaki dealership or a few other places in Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo which are the closest large towns to where we were staying.

Red Honda - Town Moto, Troncones, Mexico/ Photo by Viktor Radics - Vikpiccreative.comBald Tire on KLR650

When we got there however we quickly found out that many of these places actually didn't have bikes for rent. The house we were staying at had one very rusty Honda but it was a bit of a disaster that smoked like crazy with shot rear-wheel bearings. Two of the sons of the couple who own the house brought it down in pieces from California to avoid paying the taxes on importing it.

Honda NXR250 Troncones, Mexico

Jesus who takes care of the house we were staying at rode it like a boss despite it's cloud of smoke and wobbly wheel. According to everyone we met in Troncones "Jesus can get you anything...anything!" and he did. He hooked us up with locals from Troncones to rent bikes off of which was an awesome experience getting to meet some riders we would have otherwise not met and seeing where they live and ride daily.

KLR - Town Moto, Troncones, Mexico/ Photo by Viktor Radics - Vikpiccreative.com

Two of the bikes we ended up with were a KLR650 and a Honda NXR250. Both were more or less fine other than a bald rear tire on the KLR and blown front fork seals on the NXR. The starter solenoid eventually went on the KLR and Javier (NXR owner) told us his bike needed to get bump-started sometimes so a few days in we were bump-starting both bikes. The NXR was so light that it was easy peasy but the KLR required a hill or a couple of buddies. Luckily for us there were lots of both. We eventually ended up taking the KLR into the Kawasaki dealership in Zihuatanejo to get the starter relay ($280 pesos or $23) swapped out and wished we'd done it sooner.

Riding near Majahua, Mexico

But for what we needed them for, which was ripping around the dirt roads of Troncones and the other small surrounding towns (Majahua, Planta) and getting up into the hills that surround the area, these bikes were great. Thanks to Javier and Oscar for trusting us with their bikes and to Jesus for setting it all up.

KLR650 at Kawasaki dealership in Zihuatanejobikes_08

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