CVMG Paris Rally & Flat Track Weekend!

Paris CVMG Rally 2013

It was a busy weekend for motorcycle related events in Southern Ontario. The Georgian Bay Run was happening. There was the Harley Drags in Grand Bend. We had our sights set on the 41st annual CVMG rally in Paris, ON. To sweeten the deal the grassroots flat track night in Paris was happening on Friday night and CMA Flat Track was happening Saturday night at the Welland Motorcycle Club and we could catch that on the way home.

We got down around 8 o'clock and hastily set up our tents checked out what our neighbors were hocking then made our way down to catch the tail end of the races. The Paris Speedway is a 1/8th mile track making it really great for tight, exciting racing. In the summer they run local grassroots races every Friday night with the occasional Flat Track Canada event.

Woke up bright and early the next morning to setup our tent and start making the rounds and checking out what everyone else was selling. The Paris Rally is a huge mix of everything. Some people bring their bikes to show, a lot of people are selling bike though as well as tons of parts and anything motorcycle related. It's a three day event Fri, Sat & Sun but the majority of the action is on Saturday.

The Paris Rally or really any type of vintage motorcycle rally is really great for seeing a lot of the bikes you've only ever seen photos up close and personal and riding around.

We were packed up and ready to head to the Welland Motorcycle Club to catch the CMA Flat Track. The only thing we picked up were a pair of ST-90s for our bud Brian who couldn't make it.

Town Moto's sponsored rider Doug Lawrence won all his heats and the two races he was in. Great to see him do well in front of a big crowd. He's racing again this coming Saturday in Welland again for the Flat Track Canada series. Will be a great night of racing!

Paris CVMG Rally 2013

Paris Speedway

Paris CVMG Rally 2013

Paris CVMG Rally 2013 - Norton Paris CVMG Rally 2013 - Triumphs / Harley Board Tracker Paris CVMG Rally 2013 - Velocette Paris CVMG Rally 2013

Welland Motorcycle Club - Doug Lawrence Welland Motorcycle Club, CMA, Doug Lawrence 73