The Ride Home

Town Moto leaving Austin

I'm going to combine the ride home into one post as with any ride home a ride home blog post can be a little anti-climactic. We got good weather leaving Austin on sunday and no rain for the next two days. Although on our last day we got poured on.

The ride home - Town Moto - Toronto bound

We left Austin, TX right after the MotoGP race on Sunday. Thinking we'd try and beat some of the traffic and make some miles and skip the rookie cup. Seems like everyone else had the same idea so it didn't pan out so well. Despite leaving Austin at 5pm we only made it to Waco,TX before we lost the light. Everyone was heading home from GP and it made for some slow driving, Only 160km in like 3 hours. Total bummer.

Town Moto - Toronto Bound - Mississippi River, Memphis, Tennessee

The second day was great as far as making time goes. We really wanted to blast home as best we could because we knew it was supposed to be rainy on Wednesday and wanted to have as few km's to do that day as possible. We we're on the road by 8am and managed to make it to Brownsville, TN before it started getting dark and we started spotting deer in the fields off the road. Great day though 975km.

Ride home - Town Moto Toronto Bound

On Tuesday we knew we weren't going to make the same time because we were trying to get Steve's rear tire swapped out. It was sketching him out a bit and with bad weather on the horizon he wanted some grip for the last leg of the trip. We still managed to do 750km despite twiddling our thumbs for a couple of hours while we waited on the tire swap. Thanks to Castle Powersports in Madison, TN for making that happen on short notice. After that we rode into Dayton and called it a day although in hindsight we should have just kept going until the rain started if only to make the last day easier but we didn't know what was to come.

Ride Home - Town Moto Toronto bound - rain, rain, rain

Wednesday we woke up to rain. A shitload of rain and as far as the forecast told it wasn't letting up until later in the afternoon / evening. So we geared up and got to it. The one thing that made it almost impossible to ride in this weather on top of just poor visibility and the annoying wetness was that the temperature had dropped a lot and all things combined made it difficult to ride for longer than half an hour. We made it to Lima, OH miserable, wet and cold and decided to hole up in a laundry mat and dry our gear until the rain died down and we could continue on at least dry if nothing else. This plan more or less worked and we were back on the road, fairly dry and making good time again come 5pm. We Lost a lot of time in the process and didn't cross the border in Detroit until about 9pm.

Ride Home - Town Moto Toronto bound - drying our gear

We thought we could do the remaining 370km, 80km at a time with warm up stops breaking it up but it was just not to be. Made it Woodstock, ON where we should have called it a night but decided to try our luck with another 50km before realizing we were being dumb and called it a night at about 2:30am in Cambridge. It's hard to stop when you're so close to your destination but sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. Woke up the next morning and rode the last 100km into Toronto. It's good to be back! Thanks to Stephen for the company and help along the way. Definitely made the trip a lot more fun to have someone to share it with and couldn't have asked for a more dedicated bud! Thanks to Marika for holding the shop down while I was away. Will be following up with a blog post on our gear and some thoughts on packing for a trip similar to this so stay tuned for that.

Ride Home - Town Moto - Toronto Bound

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