Day 4/5 - The 1 Moto Show!

The 1 Moto Show - Austin, TX - Ronin Tobacco

Finally am home and have some time to finish some blog posting. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that riding 14 soggy hours a day isn't conducive to live blog posting hopefully these better late than never blog posts can still be appreciated despite their slightly behind posting.

The 1 Moto Show - Austin, TX

Day 4 went super smooth compared to day 3 which wasn't hard. Only drawback on our 700 Km blast into Austin, TX was the cold riding weather. We were on our way by 6:30am and it was a chilly 3 degrees out until we were almost in Dallas at which point it got a lot more manageable as the sun kept rising. The ride was unremarkable but we were happy to be making time and that it wasn't raining and my bike was running fine. Made it into Austin around 4, ditched our stuff where we were staying and headed downtown to grab some food before walking over to the show.

The 1 Moto Show, Austin, TX - Evel Kneivel XR 750

The 1 Moto Show is a custom motorcycle show usually held in Portland, OR and is put on by See See Motorcycles. They have a great moto / coffee shop and build awesome custom bikes. The inspiration for the one Moto Show came from if you could only have 1 bike what would that one bike be. It's a great gathering of bikes that run the gamut from almost stock vintage bikes, race bikes, choppers, extreme customs, really a little bit of everything. I think that's what makes it my favorite motorcycle show. It doesn't discriminate between genres, there's something there for anyone who likes motorcycles and at the end of the day it's an event that is for people who love motorcycles, any kind of motorcycle. This particular show in Austin, TX was the first time that it had been held outside of Portland and fine folks from Revival Cycles being from Austin, TX helped to organize this event and had a slew of incredible looking machines in the show as well.

The 1 Moto Show - Austin, TX

I have to say one of the coolest things about going to a show like this is seeing all the bikes you've seen floating around the internet in person. Getting to see them up close and personal, look at how they were made, see their perfect imperfections or insane craftsmanship and really just appreciate it on a whole other level.

The 1 Moto Show - Austin, TX - Deus BMW R100S

The show ran two days: Friday and Saturday and Stephen and I made sure to check it out both days and take in as much as we could and meet as many motorcycle enthusiasts as possible.

The 1 Moto Show - Austin, TX - Honda CL360 Motofactory PDX

All in all I'd recommend making the pilgrimage to Portland or wherever they end up hosting the next one to any motorcycle enthusiast. Great bikes, great people, no egos just good times all for the love of motorcycles.

The 1 Moto Show - Austin, TX - Revival's Engine Display, XR400 by See See Motorcycles

The 1 Moto Show does an excellent job of documenting their shows and tons of photos can be found on their website. They're also working on putting out books featuring the bikes from each show so check here for more info on that. We'll hopefully be able to get some in the shop once they become available.

The 1 Moto Show - Austin, TX - Revival Cycles, 850T Moto Guzzi

In closing it was a great show, we had a great time and I'd love to go to another, hopefully in Portland next year. Please support and follow: See See Motorcycles, The 1 Moto Show, and Revival Cycles. They did a great job of putting on this show. For more photos of the show please visit our Facebook Album.