Day 1 - Austin Bound COTA GP & 1 Moto Show

Town Moto Austin Bound

I'm on my way to Austin with my good bud Stephen for a weekend of motorcycle filled goodness with the 1 Moto Show and Moto GP both happening this weekend. Got up early and made our way from Toronto to Covington, KY. Were hoping to make it to Louisville our first day but hard rain most of the day slowed us down big time. Left at 6:30 am called it a day at 8:30pm. I think 9 of those 14 hours were in rain. Which led to some complications for me with my bike cutting out twice before I realized water was getting in my airbox. Once that was sorted out it was smooth sailing other than all the rain and being completely soaked.

Town Moto Austin Bound - RAIN!

I don't have much in the way of photos because it more or less looked like this the whole time:

Town Moto Austin Bound - RAIN!

So I'll give you my best advice for stuff to bring if you find yourself having to ride in nasty weather.

1. Rubber rain gloves. No glove, no matter how water proof will keep out the rain if you're riding for hours in pouring rain. These keep your hands and gloves dry which makes riding in the much a lot easier to take.

2. A Heated Vest. If you're going to be in the wet these heated vests make it a little easier to deal with. Keeps you warm when the wind and rain is blowing.

3. Anti Fog Spray keep your shield from fogging up when it's raining. Seeing through the rain is hard enough without dealing with a foggy face shield.

4. A Waterproof Jacket. The Held Novara jacket saved me. Totally waterproof with a Goretex membrane. Stephen used a Held Rano jacket that he wore over his leather jacket to keep dry. We also both had rain pants and boot covers to keep us from getting miserable. We're hoping things can't get any worse weather wise than they were today but ya never know, hopefully i'll have some better pics from tomorrow's ride, so keep checking back! - Andrew