1972 Yamaha XS650 Cafe - November 2012 Window Bike

Our window bike this month belongs to dotheton.com admin Tim. It's a heavily modified yamaha xs650.

Below are a list of the mods he's done to it. Come by the shop and check it out in person.


- 1972 frame de-tabbed, center stand removed and bracing added to stiffen frame and reduce weight
- 750cc forged piston big bore kit with larger cooling fins on cylinder block - Kickstart-only
- Electric starter motor and internal gears binned to save weight
- Custom wired with Ancor 16ga marine wire
- Crank and cam rephased to 277 degrees to improve torque and smooth out engine vibrations
- Pamco 277 degree electronic ignition
- Ported and polished head by 707 Racing with enlarged titanium valves, springs and retainers sourced from a NASCAR engine and custom short valve guides for increased valve lift - Shell #1 performance cam grind
- Taller 5th gear for higher top end speed
- plan to run at Bonneville sometime soon
- Mikuni VM34 carbs on extended billet intakes custom matched to ported head - DWMS breather catch-can/filter
- Brituro Megaton racing megaphones
- Tomaselli adjustable clip-on handlebars
- Tomaselli SuperPractic B throttle
- Realm Engineering rear suspension
- Race Tech Gold Valve cartridge emulators and springs up front
- Suspension setup by DEK Performance
- Suzuki 4LS GT750 front brake
- Custom 6 gallon Norton Manx replica tank
- Clubman Racing Norton Manx replica seat
- Shorai lithium battery under seat
- Stock 18 inch Yamaha shouldered alloy rims laced with Buchanan stainless spokes
- AVON RoadRider tires

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