Vancouver to Toronto Ride

Montana / 2007 Triumph Bonneville

I was lucky to get enough time to hangout with friends and Alex for a week in Vancouver before making the trek back home. This time was spent camping in some cool spots, seeing friends and family and generally just seeing the sites. Thanks to our friend Tristan for putting Alex and I up for the week.

The Shop Vancouver / Alex & I

My friend Brett and his friend TJ from Vancouver are opening a shop aptly called "The Shop - Vancouver" They're open now and carry a lot of the same brands we do but also mix retail with a cafe. They weren't open when I was out there but got to see the space almost done. They're located at 432 Columbia St. Tell them we sent ya if you're over that way.

Savary Island, BC

Took a few days to ride up the sunshine coast with Alex. We left the bike on the mainland and took a water Taxi to Savary Island and camped on the beach which was great. We hit up Smugglers Cove for a late camp on our way back. Checked out Bowen Island for a day as well! Great riding up and down the Sunshine Coast.

Getting bike ready / 'Merica!

After getting the bike ready (oil change, chain maintenance etc.) I headed to Seattle for a few days to see my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Holly and then made my way back East on the 90 for the most part.

Wild Horse Monument, Washington

DAY 1: Seattle, WA to Butte, MT - 965km Left at 6:30am from West Seattle and started making my way east. I thought Washington was cool half hilly and mountainy, half dead flat. Even flatter than our prairies which got me a bit worried but things started getting cool as I was rolling into the Idaho Panhandle. The ride was amazing right through Montana. Ended up not getting as far as I had wanted with a bunch of stops that slowed me down but figured I could make up time on the last two days when scenery got more boring.

Washington N.Idaho Motorcycle Museum / Montana Montana

DAY 2: Butte, MT to Jamestown, ND - 1186km I wish i'd taken a screen shot of my weather app but when I got woke up in Jamestown it was 3 degrees celcius with a high of 31 degrees in the afternoon. I layered up and hit the road. I rode for about an hour before I decided to take a half hour respite from the cold and get some breakfast after which it was "warm" enough to keep going. The drive through the rest of Montana and most of North Dakota was great. Was definitely more of a desert feel than the mountains from the day before. Ended up stopping a lot less and taking less photos but there were still a few spots I couldn't resist taking the time at.

Miles City Painted Canyon, North Dakota

DAY 3: Jamestown, ND to Milwaukee, WI - 1066km The last two days of the trip were fairly dull compared to the epic first two but I was kind of in get home mode so didn't really mind not having anything really worth stopping to check out. The goal was to make it to Milwaukee so I could get up early and get the ferry to Muskegon.

Sarnia / Toronto

DAY 4: Milwaukee, WI to Toronto, ON - 981km I ended up getting lost trying to find the ferry and missed it even though it was essentially right down the road from my hotel. My roaming package had expired and I foolishly listened to some directions from someone at the hotel front desk and ended up losing myself in a maze of on-ramps and off-ramps and rolled up at 6am as the ferry was pulling out. My only option at that point was to suck it up and head home through Chicago still one of the shorter ride days of the trip but was really looking forward to only having to ride 640km on my last day. Made it home just before 8pm. Great trip, would love to do it again but maybe next time with some friends and at a more leisurely pace. That said don't regret doing the quick and dirty version out and back. Felt like I still got to see and experience a ton.

Read about the first leg of this trip here!

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