Yamaha YM-I 305 - September 2012 Window Bike

New month, new bike. Thanks to our friend and garage neighbour Chris C. for loaning us his cherry 1966 Yamaha YM-1 305. Chris had one of these back in the sixties and over three years (not full-time obv.) restored this particular bike back to showroom condition bolt by bolt.

FROM CHRIS: I had one in 67 (summer of love!) and had a blast with it. This was the motivation for the restoration. Long and expensive project needing two other parts bikes and parts from all over the world. Ebay made it happen. Painting, plating etc. all done locally. Here's a picture of me in 67 with the bike. My wife still wears the jacket made in Montreal by Bristol. They are still in business!

Chris finished up the bike this spring, and the completely rebuilt motor has only 10 or 15 minutes of running time on it. The YM-1 is a two-stroke motor with Yamaha's Autolube oil injection system so to eliminate premixing of oil and gas. Pop by and take a look. She's a real beauty.

And Chris in the summer of love with his YM-1.